AgroPromService GRAIN TRADER

AgroPromService is a trading company involved in commercial operations with soft commodities especially in grain trading. AgroPromService connects agricultural producers of Russia with industrial consumers of grains mostly in the Black Sea and Caspian Sea regions while rapidly expanding its business geography to other parts of the world. A number of contracts with inland facilities and partnerships allow grain to flow to these markets to satisfy export demands.

In order to provide quality service to our customers, we collaborate with reliable suppliers, respectable financial institutions and transport-forwarding companies. AgroPromService is a member of the Russian Grain Union and a frequent participator of regional and international conferences. Experience exchange and constant improvements of professional competence promote conditions for introduction of up-to-date technologies in operational and administrative processes. Dedication, professionalism and responsibility allow AgroPromService to solve the most challenging tasks and fulfill needs of our customers.

Our office is established in Moscow, Russia. AgroPromService has been a leading grain supplier for almost a decade.

Exchange USD: 60.9 rub. EUR: 62.54 rub.



Russian wheat loses competitiveness during transportation

Transshipment in Russian ports is one and a half times more expensive than the countries-competitors


Export of grain in the ports of the Krasnodar Territory grew by 45%

Over the seven months of 2017, 608 vessels with grain and products of its processing were shipped through six seaports of the Krasnodar Territory, with a total volume of over 12.86 million tons.


20 april AgroPromService joined the exchange platform for trading grains.

The Memorandum was signed by representatives of the CJSC National Merchandise Exchange, the Russian Grain Union (RZS), United Grain Company (OZK) and Rusagrotrans. Proposals for accession to this Memorandum have been sent to a number of organizations from among government agencies and commercial organizations.