Being a member of the Russian Grain Union we expanded our activity. AgroPromService is a frequent participator of regional and international conferences. Experience exchange and gaining new knowledge promote conditions for introduction of up-to-date technologies in operational and administrative processes as well as create favorable conditions for the development of the company and its staff.

To keep abreast of the times and meet current demands of the world grain market is one of the top targets of AgroPromService. We believe in and practice custom tailored approach to a client. That’s exactly why AgroPromService monitors its own activity and analyzes buyers’ demand change.
Dedication, professionalism and responsibility allow the company to solve the most challenging tasks and stay in grain supply leaders’ ranks for years. 

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Группа Разгуляй Русагротранс Мелькомбинат Глазовский комбикормовый завод Российский зерновой союз