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Household Chemicals

SONTSA” is a major manufacturer of cosmetics in Belarus. AgroPromService is the prime distributor of their products on the territory of Russian Federation.

Manufacturing facility is located in the town of Osipovichi, Belarus, and considered to be one of the leading factories in Eastern Europe and the CIS in regards to its capacity.

SONTSA” is a leading manufacturer on Belorussian market. According to the latest research conducted by Nielson, “SONTSA” controls more than 30% of the washing detergent market in Belarus, placing it above top international detergent brands, currently available on the market.

SONTSA” manufactures large variety of products, which include:

  • washing detergents

  • phosphate-free washing detergents

  • laundry softeners

  • liquid detergents for laundry

  • liquid detergents for dishwashing

  • universal washing detergent “Suprim”

Additionally, “SONTSA” manufactures hygiene products under “Krasa” brand. They include products for skin and hair care.

The company actively promotes exports of their product line, which allows for quick geographic expansion. Their products are already available to residents of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and countries of European Union.


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