3rd Class Wheat

3rd Class Wheat is also called valuable wheat. It is characterized by good baking properties, therefore this type of wheat is widely used in the food industry. Its quantity and quality of gluten contained in the grains is average.It is commonly used in production of bread.

According to existing regulations, test weight for this class must be at least 730 grams per liter. Average virtuousness should be 50% and the mass fraction of protein should be at least 12%. Normal for the third class is the 2nd degree of discoloration. In the case of non-compliance with these standards, the quality of the manufactured products of wheat (especially bread and pasta) will not meet the requirements of the food industry.

Qualitative indicators:

  • Protein - not less than 12.5%;
  • Gluten - not less than 23%;
  • Test weight- not less than 750 g / l;
  • Moisture - less than 14%;
  • Foreign Matter - no more than 2%;
  • Insect damaged kernels- no more than 0.2%;
  • Aflatoxins (including B1) - less than 15ppb.

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